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I immediately told him a story about my work in the housing department, about the old pipes in “our house”, about the fact that somewhere one broke through and floods this damn casino, from which there is no rest. And I myself work in the housing department, I have a car, so they sent me

Stepanych chewed his lips, looked at my sweet, kind face with a cunning squint, and began to grumble at the lack of peace in my old age. It is clear that he will go, and I have been patient.

Sitting next to me, Stepanych continued to grumble, looking at the speed display: I was in a hurry to return and squeezed almost a hundred along the swaying road; at every hole Stepanych would say obtusely:

- And it's yours.

Having slowed down in front of the traffic police checkpoint, I decently drove into the city, and I no longer had to hurry: it was rush hour.


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